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Our audience-first Connected TV solution designed exclusively for retail brands & companies enables you to target your  audience using customer data, behaviors, interests, retargeting, & geolocation.

Reach on CTV.

Audience Targeting Solutions

With the access and technology to combine and cross-reference first-party data, third-party data, and geotracking we provide you the power to decide exactly who sees your ads.

CDP Data

Customer Data Platform

Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences

CRM Data

Customer Relationship Platform

Salesforce SalesCloud
Hubspot Sales Hub

ERP Data

Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP ERP/Business One
NetSuite by Oracle

Offline Data File

Offline Data File

Data Scrapes
Prospect Lists

POS Data

Point of Sale Data

Shopify POS
Square Point of Sale


Website & In-App Retargeting


Behavioral Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Credit Score

Education Level

Employment Status



Home Ownership

Household Size


In-Market Buyers



Marital Status

Net Worth


Online Activity

Parental Status

Political Affiliation

Purchase History


Target By:

Live Geofence

Live Geofence

Real-time “is in” including businesses, homes, and other points of interest

Lives-In Geofence

Lives-In Geofence

Analyze mobile location data to infer residence by geohash

Historical Geofence

Historical Geofence

Has been to or visited businesses and points of interest

Competitor Conquesting

Competitor Conquesting

Target people who have visited competitor locations within a specific lookback window


So are we saying that if you want to, you can target 25-27 year old females who live in Alton, Illinois, and own a home, and have an annual income of less than $45,000, and who earned a bachelor’s degree, and are currently employed as teachers, and have a credit score of 600+, and are interested in Taylor Swift and shopping local?


*You might only get a couple impressions, but yes you can

Digital Targeting with TV Impact

The Benefit of Connected TV

Targeting on linear TV has been limited to broad demographic buckets for half a century. Marketers today are demanding more control over who will see their ads. In the CTV channel, the same methods that you’re comfortable using to target digital can be leveraged to reach your audience on the big screen.

How Does Connected TV Audience Targeting Work?


First-Party Data

Proud to Partner with

The largest and most powerful deterministic Identity Graph and Third-party data marketplace on the open internet.

You upload PII-based, cookie-based, or MAID-based files. We then leverage LiveRamp’s best-in-class onboarding and activate your audience segments by LiveRamp’s household-based identifiers across all our CTV inventory.

Targeting with Your CRM Data

Upload your CRM data file

Deliver your CTV Ad to your customers

Website Retargeting

On Tuesday, Jane Smith visits your website

On Wednesday, Jane Smith views your CTV Ad


Third-Party Data

Target Your Audience Using By Age Interests Education Occupation Online Activity Income Religion

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your target market and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s that easy.

Targeting with the Audience Network

Fill out a quick & easy form

On Wednesday, Jane Smith views your CTV Ad



Proud to Partner with

The largest and most reliable mobile device location datasets in the world.

Whether you are curating site categories for a historical geofence, targeting your customers with a lives-in geofence, or limiting your delivery by DMA, advanced geotargeting powered by Foursquare + TriAD gets the job done.

Targeting with Geofences

Create a Geofence around your desired location

Deliver your CTV ad within the location radius


Build Your Ideal Connected TV Target Audience

  • custom radius, zip, city/DMA, county, state, country
Better Audience Targeting = Better Results
Gain access to all CTV Inventory. Using One Platform.

Commercials that convert

Dynamic, real-time reporting made custom for you

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