[WEBINAR] Redefining HVAC Outreach
September 14 @ 2pm EST

Redefining HVAC Outreach

CTV's Role in your Local Market Growth

September 14 2:00 pm

Meet the Panelists

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder
PANELIST James Karanasios
Account Executive

About this Webinar

Watch this quick, 15 minute webinar on-demand tailored for HVAC companies. In this webinar, you will: learn how Connected TV (CTV) works, gain insight into how much to budget for CTV campaigns, explore the various targeting options to reach your desired audience, and acquire step-by-step guidance on launching your first successful CTV campaign. Elevate your marketing efforts with this comprehensive webinar and unlock the potential of Connected TV advertising!

Details & Takeaways

  •   Connected TV Overview: How does it work?
  •   Your Targeting Options: Who can it reach?
  •   Measuring Success: How can you track performance?
  •   Get Started: How do you launch your first campaign?

What Are You Waiting For?

Better Audience Targeting = Better Results
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